Fairy tales by the local and visiting children
of Port Fairy

This year, children searched around town for magical, hidden creatures as part of the Port Fairy Fairy Hunt.
While looking for secret fairies, they uncovered clues - letters - which they used to write these beautiful stories.
We hope you enjoy these lovely tales. And we hope you keep looking for fairies too!

*Stories have not been edited, to retain the original feeling of the story.

fairy hunt 1.jpg

My Fairy Story

By Annabel Dargan
8 Years
Port Fairy

 Once upon a time Charlotte the pixie and James the goblin were starting there new magic school in Spellbook. Spell book was the town were all of the Fairies, Goblins, and Pixies go to school and live.

The goblins got power to stomp stomp stomp! Fairies got power to zoom across the sky and the pixies got pixie dust to turn them invisible.

 Do you want to know why they get this incredible stuff?

 It was because to defend themselves from the humans when they come. But one day David the head of Spellbook said “Spellbook should no longer live, there has been too much worry over the last few weeks well humans have been rushing in and out. I have decide that we are going to all split up across the world into different towns and cities.”



The Magic Spell Book

By Maddy Mulhall
7 Years

Power woo’s as the fairy’s pixie dust works.

 Oh no said Melody the power has shut down.

 What can we do Violet?

 Teacup the fairy said all we need to do is go to the magic spell book where the nice wizard lives.

 Were do we go said Violet and how do we get there?

 We go to Starburst country and across the pixie lake and then were there!

 Yay!!! That wont be long! Said ben the fairy elf.

 It’s cold said Melia. I wish I brought my sewing set.

 As Starburst country starved. and then they were at pixie forest.

And then…….

 They were at wizard of Waverley they saw Mr Mean Goblin trap Mr Wizard in ice and the spell book was fading away. Luckily used there magic to free Mr Wizard out. and trapped Mr Mean Goblin in ice.

 And took the magic spell book to fairy topia.      


Goblins and Fairies Don’t Go Together

By Tahnee McDonald
Age 7

Once upon a time there were two mean goblins and there was a happy fairy called Sophia.

Today Sophia was at the library. At the library she was reading a book called Spellbook. She loves that book! When she opened the book pixie dust sprinkled out.

Then an unusual fairy came over reading a book called Starburst. The book was full of magic power and magical pixie dust.

“Hello” she said. “My name is Zoe” said the fairy.

“My name is Sophia” said Sophia.

Then along came two goblins. They froze the library floor so they could ice skate. They loved to play tricks on people and cause trouble. They tore up all the pages of the books and scribbled in them too.

Zoe turned around and yelled at the goblins.

“Oh no you can’t.” she said.

“Oh yes we can.” said the goblins.

Then along came a Cheshire cat who made the room hot. Her warm fur coat made everything around her hot.

The ice melted and she chased the goblins away.

Then Zoe and Sophia fixed the books with sticky tape and magic and they all lived happily ever after.

The end.


Melia and Melody Save Fairyland - two stories


Leila Gibson
Age 9
Port Fairy  

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young fairy. Her name was Melia. She lived at the bottom of a garden in a pretty tulip with thick purple petals. She wore a sparkly blue dress, which she made from shimmery PIXIE DUST and bluebells.

Melia was a famous fairy fashion designer all over the world. But she had one secret that she kept to herself. She got inspiration for her designs from her Grandmother’s SPELLBOOK. 

Every day, Melia would go around the meadow picking thick, silky, shimmery flower petals to create her amazing outfits.

Her designs were so magical, that a special POWER came to whoever wore the dress. Each colour dress had a different POWER such as: 

•      Blue: water POWER

•      Green: flower POWER

•      Purple: wind POWER

•      Pink: animal POWER

•      Yellow: POWER of light

•      Rainbow: every POWER

 One day, a GOBLIN tried to steal her SPELLBOOK and her petals to make a spell to ruin Fairyland. But luckily, Melia and her best friend Melody had very strong STARTBURST powers, which they used to shoo the GOBLIN away and save the spellbook.

So the Queen of Fairyland put on a Royal Fairy Ball to honour the bravery of Melia and Melody.


Adelle Gibson
Age 6
Port Fairy

 Once upon a time, there was a fairy called Melody. She was very pretty and kind, and all her friends agreed. She loved to play with her best friends Melia, Arion, Caspian, Sen, Titania and Oberon.

Melody lived in a blueberry flower in a meadow near Port Fairy. She wore an aqua dress and her hair was the colour of the rainbow.

Melody had a very magical spellbook and she used pixie dust to open it. This protected it from the goblins.

 Her favourite magical power was making a starburst. She liked to use this power especially on New Year’s Eve. All the friends had lots of fun.

 The end.

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The Queen Saved the Day

By Georgia Hallam  
9 years old
Port Fairy

Once there was an oak tree that stood tall and strong.  Inside it there lived little fairies.

The tree was owned by a farmer and his wife.  The tree stood right next to their window.

“We need to cut that tree down Mary’’ said the farmer as he poured his cup of tea.

‘Yes, we shall cut it down tomorrow,’’ responded the wife. ‘If we don’t it will break the window.’’

One of the fairies overheard the conversation and told the Queen of the Fairies immediately. ‘’Oh no! All our homes will be destroyed!’ cried the Queen, so she decided to take action.

The next day she woke up bright and early, flew outside and sprinkled pixie dust to cast a magical spell on the tree so it would stop growing. All the fairies thanked her greatly and the tree wasn’t chopped down.  They all went for a fairy-cino to celebrate.